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Traffic & Transportation

“Everyone should be able to spend more time with their families than they do stuck in traffic on their commutes. Together, we can transition to a green-transportation plan that reduces traffic congestion and protects our environment for generations to come.”

Solving Transportation Issues & Improving Air Quality

Herb Wesson has spent his career solving everyday problems for Angelenos. As City Council President, he led the fight to provide additional funding to fix local streets and roads, repair dangerous potholes and improve city services. Wesson knows that all residents – no matter what neighborhood they live in – should have access to safe, fully-functionally streets, sidewalks and roadways.

Wesson has also made it a career priority to improve public transportation options for local residents and reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. He has been widely recognized for his leadership as Assembly Speaker where he pioneered legislation to limit greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles to improve air quality in urban neighborhoods.

Moreover, as Council President, Wesson worked to expand Metro’s Expo line and connect it to LAX, which increased transportation options for South LA residents and created thousands of new local jobs. He also oversaw the passage of the Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan, which is expected to add between 4,400 and 6,000 new units of housing along the Expo Line, create between 9,400 and 14,300 new jobs by 2035, and greatly reduce traffic congestion by ensuring residents have easy access to public transportation. Currently, he’s partnering with Culver City to redesign the I-10 Freeway/Robertson Blvd. on and off ramps to improve traffic flow in the area.

As Supervisor, Herb Wesson will fight against the Trump Administration’s policies that seek to weaken laws to protect air quality and continue his commitment to reducing traffic congestion by making investments to expand light-rail, subways and bus lines to more communities; improving freeways, overpasses, and roads; providing more reliable transportation services to South LA Communities; and fixing potholes and synchronizing traffic signals.

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Jobs & The Economy

“Los Angeles is on the right track, but there is still much we can do to help small businesses create jobs, expand job training programs and bring high wage jobs back to our community.”