December 3, 2019


L.A. Supervisor Candidate Reveals Desperate Search for Missing Son in Heartbreaking Campaign Video

A candidate running for the Los Angeles Supervisor position is getting candid about the reasons behind his new policies — and they’re deeply personal.

In a moving video campaign that was shared last Monday, the L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson revealed that his adult son Doug is homeless and addicted to crack cocaine.

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November 28, 2019

The Los Angeles Sentinel

Wesson Remains Thankful Despite Family’s Personal Heartbreak

The combined effects of homelessness, mental illness and addiction are familiar to Herb Wesson, Jr. For the past few years, he’s witnessed his eldest son battle all three and the winner of the fight is yet to be determined.

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November 26, 2019

The New York Times

What $30 Million Gets in TV Ads

We often highlight presidential campaign ads in this space, but today we’re making an exception for the Los Angeles supervisor election. The City Council president, Herb Wesson, is running for county supervisor. His son, Doug, is addicted to crack cocaine, and as his mother describes in the ad, he is “often homeless.”

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April 16, 2019

Los Angeles Sentinel

Momentum Builds for Public Banks: Los Angeles City Council Endorses AB 857

On Tuesday morning, the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution introduced by LA City Council President Herb J. Wesson in support of AB 857 – a bill to give California cities and municipalities the option to start their own public bank. Arguing for the measure, City Council President Wesson had this to say:

“This morning’s vote is for the people that too long have been underbanked and overcharged. The reality is our financial system is not working for a large majority of people, in particular communities of color. A public banking system in our state is a much-needed first step to bring economic justice to California’s most disadvantaged communities.”

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